FOP March Trail Maintenance Canceled

Due to town meetings occurring on our normal monthly work day there will be no trail maintenance day this month.

FOP Council Meeting Rescheduled

03/11/2015 - 6:30pm
03/11/2015 - 8:30pm

Friends of Pisgah, Inc. monthly Council Meeting at the Visitor's Center on Old Chesterfield Road, Winchester, NH.

Monthly Trail Maintenance - Saturday, February 14th - Canceled

02/14/2015 - 10:00am
02/14/2015 - 2:00pm

Due to the forecast cold the FOP Trail Maintenance scheduled for this Saturday, February 14, 2015 has been canceled.
For more information…… call John Herrick (603)256-6301

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2014-12-13

Jim Schofield, Abe and Gabe Howe, Jon Knickerbocker and John Hudachek met Friends of Pisgah Trail Chief John Herrick at 10 am on a mostly sunny Saturday, 12/13/14, at the Kilburn Trailhead in Hinsdale.  The first order of business was using hand saws to remove the tree top that had fallen on the top of the kiosk.  All lumber supporting the roof is broken, but the roof itself appears to be intact.

All limbs fallen across the trail from the trailhead down the west side of the Kilburn loop to past the dam were cut using handsaws and removed.  On the way down the trail to the south end of the loop we caught up with Gary Montgomery with his chain saw, Matt Edson and Kim Nilsen.  Gary, Matt and Kim had met and started earlier in the morning.  We met no other hikers the entire work session.

After lunch on the bridge on the south end of the loop Jon and Matt headed south on the trail toward Hinsdale while the rest of the crew headed up the east side of the loop.   We were back to our vehicles just before 2:00 pm.

John Hudachek

Click here to view photos by John Hudachek

Annual Meeting - 2014-11-11

The Friends of Pisgah Annual Meeting was held at the Town of Chesterfield Town Hall on Nov 11, 2014. Over 80 members and guests were in attendance.

The meeting opened with the introduction of our speaker, Willem Lange, a television personality and outdoor enthusiast and the long serving host of NH Public TV's award winning show "Windows to the Wild." Mr. Lange presented a video of outdoor scenes primarily from northern New England featuring primarily himself hiking and commenting on various aspects of the outdoors. After the video, Mr Lange answered questions with many humorous comments judging by the frequent laughter during his comments. The program was well received.

A break was taken for a very fine selection of refreshments and then the business meeting commenced. The following slate of officers for 2015 was presented, nominations closed with no additions and the election was held.

All persons nominated were elected.

FOP needs a Secretary as the position became vacant just before the Annual Meeting when the current Secretary’s job position changed. A volunteer for Secretary would be appreciated. The Council meets once a month on the first Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Call President Gary Montgomery at 603-363-8420.

Officers : For 2015
President: Gary Montgomery (Chesterfield)
Vice President: Matt Edson (Hinsdale)
Treasurer: John Hudachek (Chesterfield)
Secretary: Open
Council Members: To serve a Three Year Term, expiring in November 2017
Kim Nilsen (Chesterfield)
Abrahm Howe (Westmoreland)
Council Members: To serve a Two Year Term, expiring in November 2015
Laura Susmann (Dublin)
Beth Phippard (West Swanzey)
History and Education Volunteer
Neil Jenness (Spofford)

A very brief discussion followed the election of officers. A comment was made that we are still waiting for the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) promised almost 3 years ago by the State of NH. Also, Kim Nilsen suggested that we really need to get someone involved who can talk about this neck of the state.

Matt Donachie

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Pisgah Trail Maintenance - November 9, 2014

Jim Schofield, David Weisel, Krister Raasoch with his dogs Art and Harry, Iva Wood, John Hudachek and FOP trail chief John Herrick met Pisgah Park Manager Whip Newell at the Visitor Center at 10:00am.  Although chilly to start it was a perfect working day.  We drove down to Fullam Pond where we cleared brush and limbs to open the view of the pond.  Using John Herrick's tractor and chipper all the branches were ground into wood chips.  This also opens the shoreline for fishing.  We finished shortly after 2:00pm and were back at the Visitor Center before 2:30.

John Hudachek

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Fall 2014 Update Newsletter Posted

The Fall 2014 Update newsletter has been posted.

Click here to view newsletter.

Monadnock Happy Trails Workday - October 18, 2014

Beth Phippard, Sharon Thomsen, Angie Hauri, Mary Page, Laurie
Russell, John Herrick, Gary Montgomery, Art and Laura Susmann and Park
Manager Whip Newell worked on the Snow Brook Trail and Orchard Trail. 
Both are now clear for use.   We did not gather for lunch as we were all
working in different locations - divide and conquer!   Weather was
cool; we did get sprinkled on for a minute or two but nothing serious.

Pictures and story by Laura Susmann

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2014-10-11

Volunteers met Pisgah State Park Manager Whip Newell at 10 am on a cloudy Saturday, October 11th, at the Kilburn Trailhead in Hinsdale.  The rain had stopped by that time.

Using Matt's ATV Gary Montgomery and Matt Edson cleared the east side of the Kilburn Loop.  John Herrick, David Weisel and John Hudachek (plus Whip for 1.5 hours) cleared culverts, water bars and ditches and removed any branches across the trail from Kilburn trailhead down the west side of the loop. It was actually very peaceful and quiet in the park.  Kilburn Pond was still as glass and beautiful.  We met no other hikers the entire work session.

As the sun appeared at the south end of the Kilburn Loop we met Gary and Matt Edson for lunch.  After lunch we cleared the trail from the bottom of the loop that heads down to Hinsdale (the trail ends on private property so we had gotten permission).  We were back to our vehicles just before 2:00 pm.

One stone culvert on the Kilburn Road to the
pond is falling in and needs a real culvert soon.  One of the bridges at
the south side of the loop needs several new deck boards now and new
stringers within a couple of years.

John Hudachek

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27th Annual Friends of Pisgah Picnic at Visitor Center Barn - 2014-10-04

The 27th Annual Friends of Pisgah Picnic was held Saturday, October 4th in the Visitor Center barn.  At least 26 friends showed up on a drizzly morning.  Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and sweet corn as well as great food brought by attendees was enjoyed by all.

The morning drizzle turned to steady afternoon rain.  Mums and pumpkins were raffled off after dinner.

We’d like to thank the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation for allowing us to use the park for our picnic.

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