FOP Trail Clearing – November 8-13, 2017

Friends of Pisgah crews were in the park four days in the past week cutting trees and clearing trails after the high winds the week before.

Winter 2017 Update Posted

The Winter 2017 edition of Update the Friends of Pisgah newsletter has been posted.  Click the Newsletter tab to check it out.

Kiliburn Loop Trail is Closed - 11/01/2017


Heavy construction equipment is operating in and near the Kilburn
parking lot, the Kilburn Road into the park and on the west side of
Kilburn Pond. Please do not park in the lot. Please park out by the road and use extreme caution when entering the park along the Kilburn Road.

The Kilburn Loop Trail is CLOSED from the junction at Mile .7 to the area of the Kilburn Pond dam. Work on building up the access road and the Kilburn Loop Trail on the west side of the pond will be going on for two weeks.

When the machinery leaves and the construction job is complete, the road will be improved, the rough stone covered, the treadway smoothed and raked, and the Friends of Pisgah will do some handwork along the road as the month progresses and likely in the spring, as well..

The Friends of Pisgah will be also doing some handwork on the trail itself after equipment is moved out.

In the meantime, during construction, conditions will be less than
adequate for hikers. Once the trail refurbishing is complete and the
handwork is done, the trail should be vastly drier in the future. Water will be either diverted through culverts or low spots that flood constantly now will be built up to the point that the surface will no longer be wet under most conditions.

As with any construction project, it will take some time for the environment to heal. We will assist in the healing process and will ask others to help volunteer in that process, as well.. But a few years from now, the Kilburn Loop Trail by the lake should be a gem that can much better sustain the now heavy traffic that the trail receives in late spring, summer and fall.

Again, the Kilburn Loop Trail along the west side of the pond is CLOSED. For your own safety, please use other trails in the area. The all newly restored Town Forest Trail is close by. Give that trail a look-see while in the area. It is a fine example of the things that the all-volunteer Friends of Pisgah have been working hard to do for many a year now.

K. r. Nilsen

Kilburn Loop Trail Rebuild Started 10-27-2017

Work is underway now on the rebuilding of the Kilburn Loop Trail near
the western shores of Kilburn Pond. Construction equipment will be
moving material in and out of the parking lot and to the work site.
Other equipment will be in use over about 3,750 feet of KLT on and off
for severla weeks. The trail is CLOSED there until work is complete.
When the work is done, the .7 mile access lane into the Kilburn Loop
Junction with be smoothed and York raked with equipment, and hand work
will get underway until freeze up to touch up the treadway along the
trail and road. The trail will see the installation of seven culverts
and a substantial rebuild of the surface over the first 900 feet from
the junction south. There will be sections where root cover will be laid
down, and several other segments will be built up and low spots filled
so that water may not pool readily as it does in numerous sections now.

K. r. Nilsen

FOP Pisgah Reservoir Canoe & Kayak Outing

On Saturday, October 7th the Friends of Pisgah sponsored a revived Kayak and Canoe Event on Pisgah Reservoir. More than 30 folks came out for the outing and brought watercraft and life jackets. The event was a greater success than anticipated, and the day proved picture perfect for all. Next year, keep early October open on the calendar for another outing on Pisgah's biggest body of water. Patch up your old Titanic and come on out.

New (Old) Town Forest Trail Opening - October 14th, 2017

The old unused foot trail in Pisgah State Park known as the Town Forest Trail has been full brushed out, signed, and blazed from its southern junction with the Kilburn Loop Trail near Kilburn Pond all the way to the junction with the north end of the Pisgah Ridge Trail not far from Baker Pond and the Baker Pond Trail junction. The newly cleared route reaches the old ordnance testing bunkers near the south end and the abanonded mill site below Baker Pond and the wonderful overlook of the pond. It's a real pleasure to walk this time of year, and the trail creates the potential for two fine loop hikes, one ot the east and one to the west, back to Kilburn trailhead parking lot.

Check out the pictures on our Facebook page.

Dogwood Swamp Trail Cleaned and Blazed


Don't miss the Dogwood Swamp Trail this time of year. Friends of Pisgah volunteers John Herrick and Kim Nilsen, plus Pisgah Manager Whip Newell finished blazing, cleaning up debris, and dropping trees on their last legs over the last 1.4 miles of the 3.3 mile trail today. So, now, the entire trail is in fine shape from Mile 4 on the road into Fullam Pond all the way to the upper parking lot on Reservoir Road.

While most of the forest has yet to color up, the string of high elevation bogs on the Dogwood Swamp Trail are in full polychrome color now. Get off the couch. Turn off the TV. Drop to doughnut in the trash. Get out there.

K.r. Nilsen

ATV access trail from NH Rt 119 parking lot to Reservoir Road Closed for Repairs

09/25/2017 - 7:00am
09/27/2017 - 5:00pm

Pisgah State Park - The ATV access trail from the NH Rte. 119 parking lot to Reservoir Road will be closed for repairs September 25th-27th. Watch the state websites or for updates.

Inge Seaboyer

Forester III

NH Division of Forests & Lands

Forest Management Bureau

Caroline A. Fox Research & Demonstration Forest


Summer 2017 Update Posted

The Summer 2017 edition of Update the Friends of Pisgah newsletter has been posted.  Click the Newsletter tab to check it out.

FOP 3rd annual Run in the Park 5K/10K Trail Race/Walk - May 27th

Well it’s official; the 3rd Annual Run in the Park is in the books.  Saturday May 27th was the day which turned out to be a pleasant sunny day.  Leading up to race day there had been plenty of days of rain which has been our spring trend this year.  The rain and lack of sun made for some muddy slippery conditions which made the terrain a bit more challenging.  All in all feedback was that it was still a good day to be out enjoying the park and miles of trail.