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Hiking in Pisgah has periodically been mentioned in hiking books about New England and the northeast:

  • Very comprehensive coverage, including a small scale topographic map, is to be found in Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, Burroughs and Daniell, Appalachian Mountain Club, 1999, pp 22 – 59.

  • Hiking the Monadnock Region, Adamowicz, New England Cartographics, 1997, pp 182 – 187, contains a description of the Kilburn Loop hike.

  • An updated version, The New Hiking the Monadnock Region, Adamowicz, University Press of New England, 2007, pp 210 – 215, describes a hike from the Kilburn Trailhead to Mt. Pisgah and mentions the Kilburn Loop but does not discuss it in detail.

  • Another description of the Kilburn Loop can be found in Walks & Rambles in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, Kibling, The Countryman Press, 1989, pp 164 – 168.

  • A hike from the Horseshoe Trail Head to Fullam Pond and return (written in the early days shortly after the creation of the Park) is described in Fifty More Hikes in New Hampshire, Doan, New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1978, pp 5 – 7.

  • More hiking information on Pisgah can be found in Nature Walks in Southern New Hampshire, Older and Sherman, AMC, 1994.