Pisgah Park Trail Descriptions and Maps

ATV Trail Map

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Summer Trails

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Davis Hill Trail (by Kathy Thatcher, October 13, 2009)

Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail

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  • Pisgah to Keene (Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail: Keene Connector) or 
  • Pisgah to Wantastiquet (Wantastiquet-Monadnock Greenway & Trail Western Section Including: Ann Stokes & Daniels Mountain Trails) Trail Map:
To go through Keene on the WM Trail:  Take a left out of the Horatio Colony parking lot (Daniels Hill Road).  Take a right on Whitcomb's Mill Road (1st right).  Carefully cross Route 9, staying on Whitcomb's Mill Road. In a couple of hundred yards you will get to the Cheshire Rail Trail, take a right and follow through Keene.  There are descriptive signs at the parking lot, at the Rail Trail intersection and at Island Street in Keene.  The purpose of these is to help you through Keene as the bike path is poorly signed and there are no posts or trees on which to post our signs. We will eventually have proper maps for these sections but there are still possibilities for adjusting the route. 

The east end of the bike path merges with Eastern Ave. - take a right on Eastern Ave. and a quick left on Marlborough St.  Take Marlborough Street to the end and carefully cross Route 9.  Continue on the rail line to Troy where you pick up the MM Trail over Gap Mt. to Monadnock.  Both west of Keene and east of Keene the blue and white diamonds mark the trail.

Tom Duston

Winter Trails

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The Kilburn Loop (by Kathy Thatcher, FOP Newsletter Winter 2009)

As the snow piles up outside, it seems the perfect time to encourage folks to take a ski trip on the Kilburn Loop. Just in case there are folks out there who are unfamiliar with the trail, it is accessed from the Kilburn Parking lot located on Rt. 63, just south of the Chesterfield line in the town of Hinsdale. Taking the Kilburn Rd. Trail down to the beginning of Kilburn Pond, you will see the Trail marker for the Kilburn Loop on your right. The trail will be marked with purple diamonds and is approximately five miles long. Fellow outdoors-man and FOP member, Tom Duston agreed to join me for a trial run in order to time the journey and assess any trail damage that might have occurred during the ice storm. We started from the parking lot at 10:30, returning by 1:30. We traveled at a comfortable, steady pace. Obviously times can vary with a snowshoeing venture taking quite a bit more time.

Please take your mode of travel and time of day into consideration when you start your trip as well as the fitness levels of the folks involved. There have been people who have gotten lost or misjudged available daylight on the Kilburn Loop, so go prepared, and it is best not to go alone. We did feel the trail was well marked and if visitors' precede you, you can follow their trail, while also keeping an eye on the trail markers. You will travel along on a pretty level stretch of trail as you meander through the woods alongside Kilburn Pond. Continuing on past the end of the Pond, you will begin a gradual, long downhill run. It is good fun, with a number of stream crossings, most of which you come upon quite suddenly! One area we traveled through has remnants of a previous, big blowdown. Perhaps the hurricane of '38 caused it? Towards the end of our downhill glide, as we rounded the southern-most end of the trail, we made our way across a couple of bridges and a lovely stopping place for pictures and snacks. At this point we were the time had come to begin our uphill climb. The trail is a pretty steady, manageable incline as you wind your way back north to where you connect with the Pisgah Ridge Trail. There is a wonderful variety of forest communities that you will travel through as well as some entertaining twists and turns along the way especially at the northern end before one turns west to head back toward the Kilburn Rd Trail and the parking lot.

We did notice blow downs from the ice storm, some on the trail itself but easily avoided.[ There will be a need for clean-up crews after the snow melts {and before the bugs fly!}. Any helpers out there??] Tom and I did have a discussion about the best way to approach a ski excursion on the trail, coming in the way I have described so far or accessing the Loop from Pisgah Ridge Trail. We decided that the approach we used had fewer downhill twists and turns through the trees. [Ed. Note: I agree!] You will have your opportunity for a little bit of tree skiing as you continue to wend your way along the trail, eventually coming to the intersection with Pisgah Ridge Trail. Turn left onto Pisgah Ridge Trail, continuing a downhill run that will bring you to the bridge that puts you back onto the Kilburn Rd.. Take another left, cruising along on level terrain until you find yourself back at the beginning of the Kilburn Loop. Head up to your right to return to the parking lot. The Kilburn Loop is also a beautiful hiking trail, but allow yourself more time and journey out when the bugs are not in season!